Creative Services



Logos & BraNding

Have a business, a project, or just an idea? I'll help you create a logo and brand identity that captures its uniqueness and sets it apart from the rest. Don't underestimate the need for a powerful logo. Any chump can type some initials in Microsoft Word. Let's build something special that will give a face to your brand. 


Graphic Design

No graphic design project is too large or too small. I make custom graphics for anything and everything. Custom graphics can be made for virtually any application, social media, websites, infographics, videos, blogs, artwork, projects, etc. 


Print Design

Need a brochure, poster, booklet, or other print material? Let me know. I will translate your best ideas and unique brand style into tangible promo items.  


I love making apparel designs. If you need customs t-shirts, hoodies, or other apparel designs, I'm your guy. If you don't think you need custom apparel designs for your business or project, you are wrong and I will make them for you anyways.  



I'll do whatever it takes to help you complete your creative project. That includes producing all of the necessary elements. My experience behind a camera includes shooting landscapes, background and textures, stock images, people, places, things, products, and a whole lot of cars. This is a picture of my dog, Strider. He's super handsome.


Creative & Technical Writing

I have a growing portfolio of written projects in the automotive media industry. I've written and edited for multiple automotive publications, including Slam'd Magazine, Street Trucks, and Truckin' Magazine. Additionally, I've created copy for promotional and web items, as well as technical product literature. If you need stories and/or copy, gimme a call.


Web Design & Content Management 

I love web design. I've worked with multiple CMS's and open source platforms. I have experience building and maintaining sites in Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, and GitHub Pages. If you need a website, no problem. I'll build it. If you need web content managed, I've got that too. My bread and butter tools are HTML and CSS, with a dash of JS, built Twitter Bootstrap framework, developed in a Jekyll Environment.

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Original Illustration

I've been drawing for a long as I can remember. A pencil and a piece of paper are what made me a designer. I draw for fun just about every day and am happy to complete a commissioned piece for your creative endeavors, whatever they may be.